Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Cloudy Skies

It’s winter where I am and we’ve had quite a few cloudy sky days. It’s gotten me thinking of all the photographs I can make under cloudy skies. This week’s challenge is to:

Photograph Under Cloudy Skies

I don’t usually think much of going out to photograph on a cloudy day, but these days can sometimes be the most rewarding. Also, sometimes a bit cold in winter so wrap up warm!

High sun emphasizes harsh shadows, but clouds diffuse this light. If you’re looking to do a portrait or macro photography than clouds can be your friends. Even in the middle of the day at high noon when the light it at its harshest, a cloud can help cut off some of the light. 

This woman was just completing prayers along the Ganges when I caught her eye. She let me take a quick street portrait. I loved the way she looked over her shoulder at me, draped in a colorful thick scarf against the cold winter morning.

For those landscape photographers out there, clouds can be the centerpiece of a photo. Rather than staying inside in a cloudy day see if those clouds can be featured.

Sometimes the clouds are the show.

Try a long exposure to blur a few clouds or search out those stormy skies and something to serve as an interesting foreground, like a tree or barn. The clouds add texture this photo wouldn’t be quite so interesting with blank blue skies as a backdrop. 

The clouds are what make this photo interesting with a barn in the foreground.

If you like staring at the skies, go out and have a look as the random clouds pass by. There maybe abstract forms perfect for photography. If this sounds like it would put a strain on your neck, than look for a puddle or some ice and focus on the cloud reflections instead. I’ve posted photos from this series before but this was a great day for cloud reflections. 

Tree in Reflection
Playing with reflections, clouds, and waves

My favorite is when clouds descend to make fog. Everything I’ve photographed before looks completely different in the fog. 

Trees in Fog. I’ve photographed these trees before, but they look completely different in the fog.

I sometimes get stuck in the winter months loathe to go out in the cold and cloudy weather. I spend my time under a blanket reliving my past photo outings – and if I’m smart I’m doing all those tasks like keywording that I’ve put off all summer. Instead head out for a quick look at the clouds this wee looks to see if they’re doing anything interesting. 

Instead head out for a quick look at the clouds this week to see if they’re doing anything interesting. 

40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Cloudy Skies”

  1. I agree that clouds and fog can create wonderful photography with so many variations and interesting light and colors. I especially like when they are reflected in water or other surfaces. I like your photos and I also have hundreds of pictures of them. Here are some that I uploaded into posts:


  2. You in winter sounds just like me in summer. It is so hot I curl up inside with air con and read.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and it makes me want to try out foggy photography more.



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