Weekly Photo Challenge: Gatherings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gatherings This week I had the opportunity to do a bit of photo journalism. I'm not a photo journalist, but I need some of the same skills when I'm traveling and photographing people and events. Photographing local events helps keep me in practice. This week, the challenge is to go out and Photograph Gatherings.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Something that Doesn’t Belong

This week is one of those odd-ball challenges: Photograph Something that Doesn't Belong I think I’m tapping back into my childhood and remembering a bit from the children’s show Sesame Street where they show a series of objects and challenges the children to find the thing that doesn’t belong. I can even hear the song in my head "One of this things doesn't belong..

Photo Journalism: How I Got the Shot

I was asked to be part of a panel at my local camera club to talk about the story behind one of my award winning photo journalism shots “Quiet Resistance,” which won the 2016-2017 Photo Journalism Image of the Year Award for my camera club.
This post is about how I got this shot and the lessons I learned along the way.

Top Ten for 2017

It's always hard to choose just 10 photos that represent a year's work, but that's precisely why I do it! Each year, I look critically at a year's worth of photos, roughly 1200 published photos - ! it's been a busy year - and decide on the best of the best. This year, I created… Continue reading Top Ten for 2017