Developing a Social Media Identity for Classical Musicians

In our book, iPractice: Technology in the 21st Century Music Practice Room, Chapter 5 is devoted to discussing the benefits of utilizing social media to increase motivation and decrease students’ practice isolation (see more about the book). We explore ways of harnessing social media (e.g., Instagram, Facebook) to help students become better musicians through virtual interactions with… Continue reading Developing a Social Media Identity for Classical Musicians

The Journey Begins: Forward by Barbara Fast

This whole project started with Measure 66.It was Christmas. I was working on a premiere with Spectrum Trio, Litanies, by Marilyn Shrude, and found myself struggling with one particular melismatic passage in a hand-written score. Measure 66. I tried writing in the notes, different fingerings, uneven rhythm practice, all to no avail.My brother, Arlen Fast,… Continue reading The Journey Begins: Forward by Barbara Fast