The “Whys” of Post-Processing

What some amateur photographers might not realize when they first get into digital photography is that nearly every image you see in the media has been altered in some way. Taking the photo is only the first step, post-processing digital photography is an art unto itself. In a class I'm teaching tonight, I'm going to talk about three main ways photographers use post-processing...

Being Where I Am

I’ve been struggling a bit with photo-envy lately - or maybe it’s more “experience-envy” - the feeling that everyone is doing interesting things and getting better photos than I am. Even if you’re not a photographer, you may know what I’m taking about. Other people, not necessarily anyone specific but "people" in general, are leading more exciting lives. I took a drive and I set a couple of ground rules for myself:

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Photo USS Inaugural

We're going through a bit of a cold snap here in St. Louis. I don't have any objection to photographing when it's cold, but it's a lot of effort to layer-up for a cold weather shoot and there aren't a lot of people out-and-about. So, I'm not out making a lot of photos. In this… Continue reading Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Tutorial: Creating Signature Watermark

That last thing I do before I "put a photo to bed" or mark it "complete", is to put my signature on it. We've all seen those advertisements selling beautiful signatures, but there's no way I was going to spend the money on something I could create myself! This post is about how I created… Continue reading Tutorial: Creating Signature Watermark

Finding My Style

Photo City Sunset

I feel comfortable enough with my photographic style to write a bit about the process to this point knowing that my style will continue to evolve and change. For someone new to photography or who hasn't given it much thought, it might be surprising that holding a camera in the general direction of something and… Continue reading Finding My Style