Drop of water on a bit of bamboo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Drops of Water

It’s raining as I write making this week’s challenge particularly apt.
This week, the theme is to:
Photograph Drops of Water
As I look out the window, there are drops of water dripping from the leaves which are just turning color for the autumn. If I’m lucky, the sun will come out soon and I’ll get a little sparkle in the drops of rain.
If I look closely, I may even see a rainbow or a little reflection in the drop.
Drop of water on a bit of bamboo
Drop of water on a bit of bamboo
We often hide inside during the rain, but this week’s challenge may be just the motivation you need to get out and do a bit of street or nature photography when things are a bit wet.
But there are possibilities even when you want to stay dry. A bit of rain on my car’s sunroof.
Drops of rain on glass
Rain on car’s sunroof making abstract patterns in the drops
It’s a bit more difficult to photograph the drops of rain as they are actually falling, but a fast shutter speed and a bit of light behind and the drops will pop right out.
model umbrella rain train tracks
We don’t stop photoshoots because of a bit of rain!
But you don’t need to wait for the rain to fall. Go for a walk first thing in the morning and see the dew forming little droplets on leaves or railings. If you’re not an early riser, bring a spray bottle on your walk and give everything a bit of a spritz – not too much – just enough for a drop of water or two. Don’t worry – we won’t tell! Product photographers do this all the time. If you want a bit of a trick, add a little gelatin to the mix and the drops will stay intact longer.
Winter in Spring
Early morning dew
If you’re in the mood to play a bit this week, try to capture the drops of water in a splash. You can do this in your kitchen or a studio. Make sure you have lots of light and a fast shutter speed. Pre-focus and then drop a piece of fruit, a marble – anything really – into a cup of water. I made a bit of a mess, but it was a lot of fun! 
lemon limes splashed in glass of water
Playing with splashes of water. Carbonated water will give you bubbles!
Water surrounds us, but we don’t always notice the little drops of water that go into making up the puddles, ponds, rivers, and glasses of water in our lives. This week you need travel no further than you kitchen or you can go for a rainy hike.
Into every life, a little rain must fall. Let’s try to capture just a bit of it this week.

I’m using my Random Inspiration Generator to choose the challenge each week. Use it if you want more frequent inspirations!

Black and White Mountain Top Poster

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      1. It did … and that’s why the phone was behind a waterproof screen … (there was a splash guard’ish thing on the boat but we were all wet already from snorkeling and such. …). Yes, was fun!! Even if the photo does not do it justice, hopefully the ‘vibe’ came through … 🙂

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