Preparing for an Epic Trip

I’m heading out this week for a very exciting trip. Truth be told I’m a little nervous. I’ve done a lot of traveling but this is an adventure a little outside of my comfort zone. But the trip is about photography so these are the things I'm doing right now to prepare to make great photographs on my trip.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summertime

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summertime. This week, the theme is to:
Photograph Summertime
As summer draws to a close and autumn begins, let's take this last moment to enjoy our last bit of summertime....

Weekly Photo Challenge: Leading Lines

Photo Florentine Arches

This week, the theme is to:
Photograph leading lines.
This week's challenge focuses on a compositional technique. For those of you who haven't encountered the term before, a "Leading Line" is a line in the photograph that leads the eye to the main subject.