A Trip to Shutterfest

Jennifer Alexandra

This post comes to you from the floor of the photography conference Shutterfest. For those of you who are veterans of this event you know that this very well could be a literal statement. Don't step on me as you walk over my tired, broken body. Thousands of photographers come from around the country come to Shutterfest, but as it takes place in St. Louis, I only had to drive about 20 minutes. It may be a short trip, but once I arrived, I stepped into a photography fantasy world – a Disneyland for photographers!

The Meaning of Light

Photo Under Clark Bridge

There are a thousand blog postings, books, podcasts, etc. about the importance of light in photographs. This will be a thousand and one. There's a reason this theme is so important -- Light changes everything.  Light changes colors. Light changes shadow. Light changes what is seen and not seen in a photograph.  Light changes snapshots… Continue reading The Meaning of Light

Improving Portrait Post-Processing: Part 2

Photo Eyes Have it

Though I tend to be more of a travel photographer, I still feel that I need to be able to take portraits. Portraits are the bread-and-butter of many photographers' businesses and having more photographic skills and techniques can never be a drawback.  In this post, I'll talk about a few tips that improved my portrait post-processing. This… Continue reading Improving Portrait Post-Processing: Part 2