Weekly Photo Challenge: Leading Lines

Photo Florentine Arches

This week, the theme is to: Photograph leading lines. This week's challenge focuses on a compositional technique. For those of you who haven't encountered the term before, a "Leading Line" is a line in the photograph that leads the eye to the main subject. 

Creating WOW Sunset Photos

Photo Lake 33

The light and color in the sky at sunrise and sunset can add a lot to your travel shots. In this post, I’ll talk about what goes into making that great sunrise or sunset photo – the type of photos that people love to like! In this post, I’ll talk about the “wheres”, “whens”, and “hows” of taking quality sunrise and sunset photos.

Photo Journalism: How I Got the Shot

I was asked to be part of a panel at my local camera club to talk about the story behind one of my award winning photo journalism shots “Quiet Resistance,” which won the 2016-2017 Photo Journalism Image of the Year Award for my camera club. This post is about how I got this shot and the lessons I learned along the way.

Tutorial: Creating Signature Watermark

That last thing I do before I "put a photo to bed" or mark it "complete", is to put my signature on it. We've all seen those advertisements selling beautiful signatures, but there's no way I was going to spend the money on something I could create myself! This post is about how I created… Continue reading Tutorial: Creating Signature Watermark