Making the Invisible, Visible

Flow and the Art of Photography. Flow is the theory of enjoyment. I'll talk about what aspects of flow theory are probably at work when you're really enjoying the experience of photography.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transportation

This week, the theme is to: Photograph transportation Planes, trains & automobiles - not to mention boats, bikes, buses, skateboards, trollies, and even hot air balloons. We're surrounded by modes of transportation! Get your cameras ready.

Embrace the Wait: Using Travel Time to Improve your Photography

Embrace the Wait. This post is about ways to use the waiting time productively both as a traveler and a photographer. We often have this “let’s just get there” mentality and it blinds us to the photographic possibilities around us.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Looking In

Photo Too Young for School

This week, the theme is to: Photograph looking in This slightly voyeuristic theme can be taken many different ways. We look into all sorts of things with our cameras - and if you haven't poked your camera lens into anything lately, than here's your opportunity! Maybe it's just a sneak peak of someplace with your… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Looking In

Water, Water Everywhere…

Photo Nature Up-Close

The folks over at The Daily Post have set LIQUID as this week's photo challenge. Water is a basic element of life and even though I don't live by the sea, water is everywhere. It's in the smallest dewdrops....   ...And in vast oceans. Water can be calm and tranquil... ...or a turbulent force of… Continue reading Water, Water Everywhere…

Street Photography Meets Travel: Composition Cuba

Photo Street Scene Old Havana

I specialize in Travel Photography, which means being a proficient landscape photographer as well being able to photograph cityscapes, architecture, and people on the street.  I went to Cuba specifically to focus on improving my street photography. In this article, I’ll talk a bit about how to improve your street photography, specifically focusing on composition,… Continue reading Street Photography Meets Travel: Composition Cuba