Weekly Photo Challenge: Oh, the Place You’ll Go

I’ve just returned from a trip and I’m turning right around and planning another couple of trips. I’m off to a place I’ve been before – one of my favorite places in the whole world – and a new destination. I’m very excited about both! I’ve been doing research and making a wish list of the hotspots and the photographs I want to take.

This week, the challenge is to….

Photograph the Places You’ll Go

I know this challenge is a bit “out there”. How can you possibly photograph places you’ve not been to!?

The buildings in the above photographs are all famous because of one show – extra points if you know which one and the fictional name of the place! We watched the show and we knew we just had to go visit the place the show was filmed.

The place I’m returning to is London. I’ve been there more than a dozen times and it never gets old. There’s always something new to see and somewhere new to visit. I’ve been looking through photos from previous trips, most taken well before I was into photography.

I mostly take photos of the architecture of London. I don’t quite know why this hasn’t been a street photography destination for me – maybe this time it will be! I’m planning return trips to the colorful Neal’s Yard, One New Change – which has a rooftop bar and a great view of St. Paul’s Cathedral (stop by for a drink if you’re in town) – and the Tate Modern. We always go to the Tate Modern when we’re in town (great view over the Millennium Bridge).

St Paul's Cathedral from One New Change. London, England
St Paul’s from One New Change
The fun of exploring London for the upteenth time is finding new places. Some of the new buildings have public areas that provide viewing areas. Today, I had breakfast on the 35th floor of 20 Fenchurch Street (the Walkie Talkie) and saw an after dinner sunset from the rooftop garden at One New Change. Both viewpoints were free to public. At One New Change, there were quite a few people at the top for a Friday night (with Andy Murray playing on a big screen TV), but since we didn’t care if we had bar access, we walked right into the elevator.St Paul’s from One New Change

But I also want to go to some new places. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Natural History Museum and I think there’s a spiral staircase I haven’t yet photographed in the Tate Britain (I have a thing for spiral staircases!)

Spiral staircase in London England off Oxford Street
I make it a point of seeking out spiral staircases where ever I go. You’ll never guess where this one is! This squared-off spiral staircase in carpark off Oxford Street. Dirty but architecturally interesting. If you’ve been there before you’ll know I changed the color of the stairs – much more appealing!

This week, you can go through your photos of some of your favorite places in the whole world and dream of returning. Choose photos that really speak to you of the place; that somehow capture your memories. Show us why you dream of returning. Tell us about your plans when (not if!) you return.

Taj Mahal
Imagine my disappointment, after trekking half way around the world, to see the reflecting pool at the Taj Mahal drained. We were there in winter and though the weather is nicer, the sunrises are foggy. I badly need a return trip to Agra!

The new place I’m going to is Costa Rica! It’s been on my hubby’s and my bucket list for some time and so we’re off! I’ve seen photos and I know people who’ve been. It will be an adventure all the same!

There are a couple of things I’m nervous about, though. I don’t do a ton of wildlife photography and I probably will see some of this and I’m not used to photographing in the rain forest.

To get ready, I’ve been off on a bunch of hikes. It’s not quite like it will be in Costa Rica, but I’m honing the photographic skills I think that I’ll need.

Geary Lake in Kansas that I captured on my way across the plains. Never underestimate what you can find in Kansas!

I did a lot of street photography practice before I went to Cuba. Up until Cuba, I really was shy about street photography so I found places around St. Louis to practice. These places weren’t as good as Cuba was, but I got much needed practice.

I’m working on my Instagram. If you use IG, visit me and see updates to my page and stories! Follow me and let me know that you heard about it here!!

My updated IG feed. Also check out my new stories about Cuba, London and other places I’ve visited.

If you’re like me and dreaming of going to a place, go out and practice the skills you might need. In terms of street photography, I needed to practice both my camera settings and my reaction times. I also needed to practice interacting with the people on the other end of my camera.

  • If you’re dreaming of an epic trip to Iceland, make sure you’ve taken a lot of landscape photos before you go!
  • If you’re dreaming of Cuba, practice street photography at local festivals and markets (it’s the time of year for art fairs and farmer’s markets!)
  • If you’re dreaming of an African safari, take a trip to the zoo or visit a local lake. The ducks won’t be as exciting as the elephants, but make sure you’re solid on focus and get your camera settings down pat.

If you’ve been inspired by travelers who have visited these places before, now is the time to give them a big “shout out!”

Your dreams may be practical or pie-in-the-sky dreams, but they’re your dreams. This week, tell us a bit about the places you’ll go.

And if you need a bit of motivation, here’s a book that will get you started….

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Oh, the Place You’ll Go”

  1. Enjoy your visit to London. I recall your spiral staircases. You are quite right, there is a superb one at Tate Britain and currently there is a major exhibition there of Van Gogh. Other places to think about: there has been massive development in the Kings Cross area of London, and around Victoria station too. And the Canary Wharf area in Docklands is very striking architecturally if you are looking for something different.

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  2. I love London. The Natural History Museum has an exhibition of Wild Life photographers usually in the fall. It is fantastic. I went last year and looked at the top 100 entries in the competition. They have all sorts of different categories including categories for young people who are taking photos as well as marine and underwater photos. Worth seeing if you are there for it.

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