Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

This week I’ve been back home visiting family and doing a bit of storm chasing – the midwest U.S. has had some wild weather! I’ve been driving around back roads and seeing some history amongst the nature.

This week, the challenge is to….

Photograph Something Weathered

These keys have seen better days. A number of pianos were left out on the street to encourage community playing. The weather isn’t very kind to wooden instruments.

This is really a texture challenge, finding subjects that have aged into their beauty. It’s also about looking closely at how weather, in the form of rain, wind, cold affect the things around us – like the piano keys above.

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This week, find subjects that have been left out in the open, exposed to the weather and show the slow passage of time. Sure, every building is exposed to the weather, but not all buildings show it – or might not have been exposed long enough to show signs of weathering.

school desks weathered in abandoned train car
Abandoned train cars near Creede, Colorado full of school desks. Three of them were set up as a make-shift schoolhouse.

I was photographing waterfalls a few weeks ago, we even had a challenge about falling water, and saw a lot of evidence of erosion – water weathering patterns into rock.

This waterfall has eroded a path through the rock.

Weathered can mean faded decay, but that doesn’t necessarily mean plain and colorless. After I got back from Cornwall where I saw this sign, I made a few for my garden. They’ve weathered nicely.

Signs of St. Mary’s. This sign is on the Isle of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall, one of the most weathered places in the world.

I like to photograph a bit of abandonment and often come across evidence of weathering – the nature, in the form of the weather, taking back what humans have built.

USS Inaugural on Ice. This shipwreck in St. Louis is often completely under water, but when the river is low, you can see the boat slowly eroding away.

And with my storm chasing pursuits this week, I can give you both weather and weathered.

Out storm chasing in eastern Colorado (my home stomping ground). Came across a sofa in a field – There was very little left of the house – it probably went to Oz.
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