yellow flower water drops

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected Beauty

So, it’s been a challenging week. I’m right in the middle of an annoying computer crash (probably time to splash out for a new one – I’d be happy, but this means thousands of dollars and seeming hundreds of hours getting the computer set up again), my basement is flooded – as is the Mississippi River – from all the rain, and I’m in a really bad mood.

When I get this way, I often use my photography to lift my spirits. I might not be able to post-process my photos, but I can go out hunting/gathering.

This week the challenge is to….

Photograph Unexpected Beauty

It doesn’t matter what sort of beauty. Any beauty will do!

The best is when I find beauty when I’m not expecting it. Finding a ray of sun on a weed or a splash of color in a dingy building.

Anything can have beauty – it is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder – and this beholder has a camera! That means I can not only behold, I can share the beauty with others.

I tend to find beauty in the everyday. I don’t see run down buildings as urban decay, I see them as returning to their natural state. Nature is taking over and one day this building might be a flowering field (again).

I’m going to take my advice and go out to see if I can find a bit of beauty in the world to perk up my day.

yellow flower water drops
Early morning dew

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