Weekly Photo Challenge: Round Things

On Monday I put up a post about red marbles. They were an analogy for opportunities, but I didn’t have a photo to go with it. Believe me I looked! No marbles, red or otherwise in my catalogue. I simply didn’t have time to make images though I have some good ideas and my photo studio is nearing completion so I might even be able to set up a shoot*.

Never mind. In my quest to find marbles I did find quite a few round things. So this week I’m going to sent you off on a quest to photograph round things. I’m specifically thinking spheres, but I’ll leave the challenge open for other round things.

This week, the challenge is to go out and…

Photograph Round Things

*I finally got a bit of time and went to my studio to photograph a red marble (or glass bead, which is the closest thing I had).

Marbles if you have them but not necessarily. And your spheres don’t necessarily have to be red. I would have set “the color red” as the challenge but we’ve already done that one.

As I was looking for a photo to go with my red marble post, I found that I had gum balls, which came closest to marbles. Alas, not in shades of red.

Gum balls in a vintage dispenser in a local candy shop.

I had photos of balls of various descriptions including a couple of ragged baseballs. These would work nicely for this week’s challenge, but weren’t red enough for my marbles post.

Baseball in an abandoned building.

I was ok on the bubbles and had even paired them with some round objects, though not necessarily spherical ones.

Bubbles on lemons and limes. Makes me thirsty just looking at it!
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I found photos of red berries, as well as apples, grapes, and a whole host of other fruits, just not the red marbles I was looking for.

Red berries in the snow

For week’s challenge, the moon will work if you fancy some night shooting. It was full this week in the Northern hemisphere so you many have missed it, but take a look and see if it’s still roundish. In January, we had a wolf moon – it was red – some of you might have photos of that. Alas, it was cloudy and too cold where I was to bay at the moon.

You might have a photo or two left over from Christmas with those spherical ornaments we love – maybe even red ones. Easter is our next big holiday coming up. Not sure if we have any spheres in the decorations. Eggs aren’t quite round or are they? I’ll let you decide.

Christmas decorations in the garden
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Balloons might work. And we do love a glass spheres of all sorts. Some photographers even carry them around to change our perspective of the world.

Staircase reflected in glass sphere.

There are a lot of round things in the world if we start to look. I found all sorts of round things – even red round things – when I was looking for a photo of red marbles. This week, go out and snap a few shots of something round.

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Round Things”

  1. When I was younger…so much younger than I am now, marbles as well as jacks and jumping ropes would suddenly appear on the school playground. Thank you for waking this memory. Now, I am off on a search for “round things.”

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