Weekly Photo Challenge: Bright Colors

We’re still in the throws of winter here in the American mid-west. Lots of gray, cold days for us!

The weather’s getting me down so I’m looking for a bit of a pick-me-up this week. Let’s make the colors the story of the photo. This week….

Photograph Bright Colors

I love to take photos of bright colors. It’s not just that the colors attracted my attention, it’s that the colors take on a life of their own in the photo. The photo only works because of the colors.

India was a very colorful place. One day I’ll get around to publishing more photos of the doors of India.

The gray days may be muting the colors, but they’re still there.

I have a whole series of abstract photos that I call “Splatter Art”. Wax, metal, heat, & rust make this texture, randomly created during encaustic painting process. This is a macro photo of a fragment of a 2’x3′ sheet of metal used to extinguish the burning wax. The process creates random shapes and textures in a multitude of colors, though blue predominates. Some photos may look like maps or galaxies, others are more abstract.

Macro photo of colorful piece of metal used in the encaustic painting process at the local college.

We don’t yet have nature’s colors of spring to help us out, so we’ll have to go find the colors where we can get them – maybe in some artworks.

Local artists leave their mark on the graffiti wall in St. Louis with a colorful tag.
I have new cards from Moo – Love the square cards! They get so much attention when I hand them out.
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Or in some reminders of summer and childhood…

Candy canes in a local sweets shop

Find the most colorful corner of your house or office and snap a shot. This one comes from the City Museum in St. Louis. A place full of color and playfulness.

Pull out your most colorful winter coat and make a fashion statement against the gray winter days.

If you’re lucky enough to have cooperative skies, don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying a winter sunset. For those of you lucky-ducks who are in warm climates – don’t take them for granted! Get out and find yourself a colorful sunset or sunrise!

Sunsets Over Icy Lake

It may not yet be spring, but that doesn’t mean our world should be a gray, cold place. Challenge yourself to find happy, colorful things in your world this week to counter any winter blahs.

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