Weekly Challenges: Holiday Traditions

We’re right in the midst of the holidays for many folks. Many of us have traveled to see family or have extended family visiting. This week, the challenge is to:

Photograph Holiday Traditions

Some holiday traditions have been in our families for as long as we can remember. Traditions encompass the food and sweets that we make, the events we attend, and the way we decorate our homes.

Christmas tree
Town square decorated for the holidays

Some of these traditions can be a bit eccentric – you may not even know that your family tradition that feels so right and normal to you is unique and maybe a little bit quirky – maybe even a little bit crazy!

Let’s start with how we decorate our homes and neighborhoods. Photograph those cherished treasures you have from your childhood or those that you made with your family just yesterday. This is the perfect opportunity to show off those over-the-top lighting displays as well!

Christmas trees in a local park decorated by area businesses and organizations.

But don’t forget the food! My family makes a mix of Italian and German sweets to compliment our holiday meal. My British husband throws in a Christmas pudding or mince pies (we humor him and have a taste). But this time of year I crave – I mean crave with something close to obsession  homemade tamales. My family isn’t Hispanic, but our neighbors were when I was growing up. Every Christmas Mrs. Lopez would always make plates of homemade tamales during the holidays as gifts. Boy, do I miss Mrs. Lopez! 

Holiday events are just as much a part of our holiday traditions as the food. Taking the children to see Santa, going to a holiday parade, or seeing “The Nutcracker” are traditions for many families. Maybe your family goes to the ice rink, sings carols, or attends a candlelight mass. My family shops, so there you are! 

Carolers in period costume singing in St. Charles, Missouri.

My family has a tradition of giving handmade gifts or items purchased at craft fairs, auctions, or yard sales. This makes Christmas shopping an all-year event. 

Historic St. Charles, Missouri main street is decorated up for the holidays putting me in the mood to shop. 

Maybe your family travels for the holidays to see family – or to avoid them. I have a friend who started a tradition with her husband to travel to the Caribbean each Christmas – mainly to avoid the hype of the season and maybe the rest of her family. There’s nothing wrong with sun, palm trees and sand as your holiday tradition. 

Beach holiday

My family is Christian and my husband’s is Jewish so we have developed hybrid traditions for the holidays. Every family has their own unique set of traditions. This week, show us a few of yours! 

Share your posts in the Comments below or share with the tag #photoyogaholidaytraditionI’m using my Random Inspiration Generator to choose the challenge each week. Use it if you want more frequent inspirations

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