Kitchen in Havana home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mundane

This week, the theme is to:
Photograph the Mundane
We’re photographing the mundane this week – something everyday – something ordinary.
This is all up for interpretation as what I think of as ordinary maybe extraordinary to others. If you pass by something everyday and don’t even notice than it probably qualifies as “mundane” – even if it’s the Eiffel Tower.
Living in St. Louis, we fly over the Mississippi River and rarely give the Gateway Arch a second look. But this week stop and take a look at what you’re missing.
Arch Pano
The Gateway Arch loses a bit of luster when you drive by every day.
What most of us will think about when we think of “mundane” is “everyday.” Photograph in your house or garden or around your neighborhood. Find something that you pass by, but may think is too boring or average to take a photograph of. Just because the subject is average, doesn’t mean your photograph should be! Even an ordinary weed or leaf can be extraordinary in the right light.
Leaf in Water
Ordinary leaf becomes extraordinary with the right light and reflection
Challenge yourself to find something special in places you wouldn’t normally think to photograph – your kitchen, garage, or your bathroom. Look for light.
Kitchen in Havana home
Josie’s kitchen in Havana, Cuba.
Look for patterns and shapes.
Utilities in a Row
White utility boxes all in a row.
Look for textures.
Textures in this old broom.
This is the perfect week to get out and try some of that street photography. Street photography is all about taking photos of an average day. Take time to look at all the people going about their routines on the street.
Street cleaner in old Havana going about his day.
Street cleaner in old Havana going about his day.
This week’s challenge is about finding the mundane — and then seeing and photographing the beauty in the everyday. To a photographer, everything in life has possibilities.
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I’m using my Random Inspiration Generator to choose the challenge each week. Use it if you want more frequent inspirations!

Black and White Mountain Top Poster

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