Photo Rushing Water

Weekly Photo Challenge: Moving Water

This week, the theme is to:

Photograph Moving Water

Ah! Refreshing water!

The challenge this week is to photography water – but not just any water – moving water.

You may love to photograph nice still water of a lake or use long exposure to smooth out even the roughest seas, but keep those photos to yourself this week! We want to see moving water in all it’s forms.

Whether it be a rushing river…

Photo Rushing Water
Rushing water at Alley Springs Mill, Missouri Ozarks.


Or a waterfall….

Photo Mina Sauk Falls
These falls in southern Missouri only flow at certain times of the year and it’s a bit of a hike getting back to them. But I love to photograph water and it was worth the hike!


Water spilling from a simple tap….

Photo Lotus Flower
Washing a lotus flower.


Or rain falling…

Amy in the Rain. Shutterfest weather was off-and-on this year. Cold, wet, warm, dry, gray — you name it, we had it. Embrace the rain! Jeremy and I were the only ones out shooting in the rain.


Crashing waves….

Photo Fistral Beach Surfer
Surfer in Cornwall, U.K. catches just enough of a wave to fly high.


Or a child playing in a puddle…..

Photo Playing in the Rain
Child makes the most of a rainy day in the park by playing in the puddles.

It’s up to you!

Water is everywhere. This week, find a way of capturing it on the move.

Share your posts in the Comments below and share with the tag #photoyogamovingwater for a chance to have your photo featured on PhotoYoga.

I’m using my Random Inspiration Generator to choose the challenge each week. Use it if you want more frequent inspirations!

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