Photo Layers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

This week, the theme is to:

Photograph layers

Photographing layers this week initially gets me thinking macro – getting in close and really looking at the individual layers that makeup the whole.

Photo Layers
Detail of Anselm Kiefer, Breaking of the Vessels, made from layers of metal in the St. Louis Art Museum.

Of course, layers lends itself to photos of food – cake specifically – but I take way more photos of architecture than I do food. So, I have only a layer of bricks to show.

Feel free to add photos of colorfully layered cakes and things! At least the photos of bricks don’t add calories.

Photo Brick Layers
Layers of bricks on a kiln

But anything stacked will work as a photo of layers. Whether the layers goes up and down…

Photo Ice Bubbles
Bubbles in the ice.

… or back to front.

A Sliver of Arch
I have lovely photos from the Arch grounds and from a park across the Mississippi River, but the Arch can be seen from many parts of downtown as well and from many angles – sometimes not even retaining the iconic arch shape. I loved the layering of the city buildings, which show a cross-section of St. Louis: modern skyscrapers next to old, abandoned (and graffiti-ed) structures. The hint of the Arch in the void uniquely places the photo in a city.

…or even both.

Many Layers
Detail of Hindu Mandir in Wayne, Illinois

Look for layers in landscapes and nature. St. Louis Arch from Afar

And this might be a good challenge to practice shallow depth of field – layering foreground and background.

Thousands of Sunflowers
Layers of Flowers in a Tuscan field near Asciano, Italy.

Share your posts in the Comments below and use the tag WITSENDCHALLENGE.

I’m using my Random Inspiration Generator to choose the challenge each week. Use it if you want more frequent inspirations!

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