All-Time Favs — So Far

The weekly challenge over at The Daily Post is All-Time Favorites. How fun! We should all do this one and choose our favorite photos of all time!

We’re sorry to see the Weekly Challenges go. I’ve started weekly challenges here at Wits End for anyone who still needs their weekly photo-fix. This week, the challenge is “Looking In“.

But choosing all-time favs is a daunting task – I currently have 128,453 photos in my Lightroom catalog. Admittedly, they’re not all my favorites, but I have already taken out all the random shots of my feet and the blurry images of my husband running from the camera.

And as a quote attributed to Imogen Cunningham says:

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.
— Imogen Cunningham

But the challenge is to post my all-time favorites — so far.

All-Time Favorite Landscape

This snowy scene is one of my all-time favorite landscape shots. It was taken fairly close to home as I explored on a snowy winter morning. I loved the way the trees were grouped in this understated scene.

Trees in Snow 1
First snow of winter.


All-Time Favorite Travel

I have a lot of all-time favorite travel photos, but I’ll just choose one (eenie, meenie…) I only had a few seconds to capture this street portrait in Havana, Cuba.

Photo Colorful Cuban Character
This fellow was sitting in his open doorway in Old Havana ready to pose for us. He was colorful in every way possible! Including giving us a revolution sign.
Sony A7RIII 94mm 1/800@f6.3 ISO5000


All-Time Favorite Wildlife

A few times a year, I drive down to the Missouri Ozarks to photograph the wild horse herds that roam the area. If you’ve been following me on my other social media, you know that I’ve just returned from a trip. I managed to work my way close to a herd that is usually shy and after watching horses eating grass for two hours, I was rewarded with two minutes of intense play.

Wild Horses at Play
Visited the Broadfoot wild horse herd located near Eminence, Missouri. They gave me quite a show!


All-Time Favorite Street

I love this photograph because it’s a second that happened on the streets of Havana, Cuba. I captured one photo of these boys as they tore around the corner. It’s a captured moment in time.

Street Fun
After school, boys play on the streets of Havana, Cuba.
Sony A7RIII 24mm 1/100@f3.5 ISO100


All-Time Favorite Abstract

I just published my all-time favorite abstract in last week’s Daily Post – Twisted. I love this set of spiral stairs.

Photo Strange Stairs
Sometimes it’s not the thing you’re looking for that you find. My theme for London was “spiral stairs” which took me to the Wellcome Center – a place I’d never been before. This is an interesting place full of medical information. There is a proper 10-story spiral staircase and this strange contemporary one. I liked the contemporary one the best! And, yes, I was laying on the floor to capture this image.


All-Time Favorite Architecture

My all-time favorite architecture photos were taken from the parking garage at Lake and Wells in Chicago looking down at the El junction. They are corrected for perspective (since I’m probably not supposed to fly a drone overhead in downtown Chicago and my husband wouldn’t let me lean out any further!)

Head On
Looking down on the tracks at Lake and Wells in Chicago.


All-Time Favorite Portrait

I’m going to nominate the photoshoot I did with model Jennifer Alexandra for one of my all-time favorite portraits. It was a cold night and the mock fur was practical as well as photogenic.

Jennifer Alexandra at the graffiti shoot at Shutterfest 2018.


All-Time Favorite Photojournalism

I’ve posted this photo before – in fact I’ve posted an entire article about how I got this shot from a protest march in St. Louis.

Photo Quiet Resistance
This award-winning photo was taken at a St. Louis event, March to the Arch protesting immigration reform. I was trying to capture individuals in a crowd, showing the context as well as the emotion. Sony A7II 77mm 1/200@f7.1 ISO640

So, there you have it! My all-time favorites. I’m sure this will change tomorrow. Let’s keep the photos coming!


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