Photo Strange Stairs

Stairs with a Bit of a Twist

This week’s photo challenge over on The Daily Post is Twisted. This is an easy one for me this week – I love the twists and turns of a spiral staircase and am always on the hunt. I scour museums, shops, hotels, and even the darkest parking garage in search of these wonders of architecture.

If you know of any spiral staircases anywhere in the world – I want to know about them!!

Here are a few of my current favorites from my collection.

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Stay at the right hotel and the spiral staircases come to me. This one is in the Premier Inn in Blackfriers, London.

Photo Spiral
Premier Inn spiral stairs. Blackfriers London.

Sometimes it’s not the thing you’re looking for that you find. My theme for London was “spiral stairs” which took me to the Wellcome Center – a place I’d never been before. This is an interesting place full of medical information. There is a proper 10-story spiral staircase and this strange contemporary one. I liked the contemporary one the best! And, yes, I was laying on the floor to capture this image.

Photo Strange Stairs
Strange Stairs. Wellcome Center, London

Squared-off spiral staircase in carpark off Oxford Street – Dirty but architecturally interesting. When my husband asked where I wanted to go tour in London I told him I wanted to go to this parking garage – he thought I was crazy!

Photo Parking Structure Stairs
Squared-off spiral staircase in carpark off Oxford Street. Dirty but architecturally interesting.

Not all spiral staircases are stairs. This ramp is the centerpiece in the London City Hall.

Photo Spiraled Stairs
Modern stairs in London City Hall Greater London Authority.

We had to take a tour of this building to get access to the spiral staircase in the Rookery building in Chicago, but it was worth it!

Photo Rookery stairs in Chicago.
Rookery stairs in Chicago. We had to take a tour of this building to get access to the spiral staircase in the Rookery building in Chicago, but it was worth it!

I’ll finish with a couple of stairs with a twist from a recent trip to Chicago. I have dozens of spiral staircases in my collection, but I just can’t share them all!

Curved Architecture
The Art Institute of Chicago
Stair Design
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

10 thoughts on “Stairs with a Bit of a Twist”

  1. I’m stunned by the variety of spiral staircases and the credit goes to you for capturing them so beautifully. I’m still trying to figure out my favourite but failing so far . Your post is an absolute delight, cheers!


  2. A superb collection of stairs. I was close to Blackfriars two days ago – I must find the Premier Inn! And although I’ve been in the Wellcome Centre in the past I haven’t spotted that staircase.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We hadn’t been to the Wellcome Center before – this is a very interesting place! There are actually 2 spirals there. One proper 8 or 10 story traditional spiral staircase and the one here which is smaller and near the entrance.


      1. And if we are thinking of the same place – on the Euston Road (close to Euston Station), it was a place I walked by many, many times when Euston was my London Terminus



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