Photo The Dog Ate My Shoes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Discarded Shoes

I’m big on 365 projects and the like so I’m starting a weekly photo challenge. This week the theme is to:

Photograph discarded shoes

I’ve always wondered about those discarded shoes alongside the road. There’s got to be a story.

Did someone leave a shoe on top of a car and take off? Did it come flying out a window in the car-version of “catch”?

Photo Shoe without Owner
Shoe without Owner. Lone shoe left on a city street in St. Louis. Where is the owner? Did he not notice his missing shoe?

I see shoes by the side of the road all the time. It’s not always safe to stop my car and take a photo, but I always want to! They look so forlorn – traffic wizzing by and no place to go!

Photo Left Behind
Left Behind. Two shoes left out on a frosty morning. Going somewhere without their owner.

If I stopped and collected all the shoes that I’ve seen alongside the road, I’d have a closet full. Maybe that’s what happened to this artist. These discarded shoes were collected and used in a sculpture.

Photo The Dog Ate My Shoes
The Dog Ate My Shoes. Detail of a larger piece of art found in the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

I like to photograph discarded shoes so much, that I staged a photoshoot with a pair of worn ballet slippers. Used and discarded, but still beautiful!

Tired Shoes
Battered pink ballet shoes wooden floor.

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