Photo Tower Bridge Sunset

My Place: From an Itinerant Photographer

This week over on The Daily Post, the photo prompt is Place in the World. Could a travel photography blogger ask for a better prompt!!??

But this is a deceptively difficult prompt.

Do I choose the place that I’m from? The sweeping plains of the midwest United States with the vast skies and minimalist landscape? This is the place that impressed upon me my love of nature and open spaces and the power and beauty of a stormy sky.

Photo Barn Between Storms
Barn Between Storms
Just outside of my hometown sits this lovely barn and tree. The sun peaks out after one storm and before another. In an hour, the ground would be covered in snow.
Sony A7II 24mm 1/80@f22 ISO 250

Or do I choose where I’m based? Where most of my adult life has been spent. I discovered the art of photography in St. Louis and have spent hours upon hours exploring the nooks and crannies of the city. I discovered my love of texture and abandonment in St. Louis. I love discovering my own secret place along the Mississippi River where I can be alone, and yet also surrounded by thousands of people.

St. Louis is can be photographically interesting, but I really didn’t choose the city; life and circumstances brought my husband and I to this place. It is where we live, where we work, but it isn’t really our place in the world.

Photo Musial Bridge
Musial Bridge
My favorite bridge in St. Louis spanning the Mississippi River – the Musial Bridge at sunset.
Sony A7RIII 85mm 6sec@f16 ISO100

Or do I choose a place that I instantly felt at home? A place that I would choose to live if I didn’t have to worry about money or jobs or any of the other life-things that decide where we are at any one time.

My husband and I often come back from a trip swearing that we’ve found our place and that we’ll return again year after year, but only in Santorini did we stop at an estate agent’s shop to find out what the house prices actually were and decide if we could keep our jobs via the internet (the answer was “no”).

I guess we’re pretty predictable, choosing a Greek island – isn’t this a common retirement dream? In reality, we’d probably get tired of all the tourists walking on our roof if we actually lived there.

Photo Santorini Oia Windmill
Santorini Oia Windmill
Would this be the view from our retirement home in Oia on the Greek island of Santorini?

Or do I choose the place that my husband and I return to time after time? The place my husband called home during his childhood and the city where I choose to spend the most time when I’m not at home in St. Louis.

London is likely the choice of many people answering this photo challenge. It has history, nature, architecture, life and energy. Whatever I’m in the mood to photograph can be found in London from urban street to historical and interesting architecture to nature.

Photo Street Couplets
Street Couplets
Waiting on the Strand in London for just the right people to come into the scene. This image shows three pairs walking on a London street representing three walks of life on the street for likely very different reasons: two businessmen, two multicultural students, and two multi-generational tourists.
Sony A7II 1/40@f16 ISO400
Photo Monument Stairs
Monument Stairs
I’d visited the Monument as a tourist to London many years ago, but this time I specifically came to photograph the spiral staircase. Monument is 202 feet tall and 311 steps. It was built to commemorate the great fire of 1666.
Sony A7II 24mm 1/10@f3.5 ISO1600
Photo Westminster at Dusk
Westminster at Dusk
One of the benefits of traveling to the same place again and again is being able to visit known places at the best time of day. We were in London on an unusually clear day and traveled to the tourist hub, Westminster Bridge, for sunset photos.
Sony A7II 42mm HDR ISO100.

This is a place where people live houses centuries old, yet living a modern and colorful life. The old living with the new is what makes London special – the London Eye looking out over the Houses of Parliament. This is a city with a sense of balance. A city embracing a past, but not afraid to completely change the skyline with new and modern architecture.

I could walk the streets of London and everyday discover something new and amazing.

So, it seems that London is my place in the world as it is for millions of others either physically or in spirit and it has been for hundreds of years.

Just don’t ask me to spend the winter there – it’s bleedin’ cold! How about I spend my winters in Santorini?

Photo Tower Bridge Sunset
A sunset walk along the south bank of the Thames. My husband and I climbed down onto a small beach area – that was getting smaller and smaller as the tide came in – for this photo.
Sony A7II 16mm 15sec@f18 ISO100

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