Photo Rookery stairs in Chicago

Quick Tip: When Tours Happen

I did a bit of research before going to Chicago. I only had a few hours so there was a limit to what I could photograph. I chose a few places within a short walk of where I’d be centered. One of those places was the Rookery, a building redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are many buildings in Chicago with amazing architecture that can be seen just by walking through the front door BUT the Rookery isn’t one of them. A bit of research told me that I’d need to take a tour to get access to this amazing staircase. I have mixed feelings about tours. They can be wonderful, entertaining, and educational – or they can be boring as hell. It just depends on the tour guide. I did learn a bit, but tours do slow me down and insure that I have PLENTY of time to look around for detail shots.

Photo Rookery stairs in Chicago
Sometimes going on a tour is the only way to get the shot. This is the case with the Rookery stairs in Chicago.



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