Photo Art Blue Metal 54

Art is Where You Find It

The other day, I found where the Art Department puts its trash. One artist’s trash is another artist’s treasure!

Many things caught my eye, broken pottery, discarded metal sculptures, and two 2×3′ sheets of metal splattered with paint and chemicals. Unlikely art, but to my eye – beautiful!

Photo Art Blue Metal 54
Wax, metal, heat, & rust make this texture, randomly created during encaustic painting process. This is a macro photo of a fragment of a 2’x3′ sheet of metal used to extinguish the burning wax. The process creates random shapes and textures in a multitude of colors, though blue predominates. Some photos may look like maps or galaxies, others are more abstract. Splatter Art

I photographed every inch of of these metallic wonders. If I turned my camera, another abstract design seemed to emerge. Close-up, my photos look for all the world like newly found constellations.

I’ve chosen my favorites and published a collection on my Flickr page.

I was curious, so I asked what the metal was for. The art department uses these sheets of metal to put out fires on burning wax. Completely utilitarian as far as the artists were concerned. Wax, metal, heat, & rust make this texture. The texture created is absolute art!

The sheets of metal didn’t look like much, especially in the context of a rubbish heap, but looking closer, really looking, brought out the beautiful details. Just because others don’t see the beauty, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Sometimes it’s just the photographer’s perspective that makes the difference between trash and art.


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