One Lucky Shot

Musial Bridge

On the day I created this photo, I took more than 400 photos, but only one single photograph of this bridge. One shot was all it took.

I was moving from one location to another to catch the setting sun behind the St. Louis Arch. The conditions weren’t ideal. I was moving east over the bridge and driving (it may not be illegal, but shooting and driving not recommended!) I saw the possibility, but couldn’t stop on the bridge. I didn’t have time to plan out the shot. I only had time to quickly capture this one single moment through my windscreen.

Sometimes, photographers get lucky and this was my lucky day.

It’s good to plan, most epic photographs, especially of landscapes, are the product of hours of planning: the best vantage point, the best light, the best weather patterns, the best equipment…. But be flexible. Be spontaneous, too.

Especially, always look behind you – the 180 technique. The sunset in front of you may be getting all of the attention, but look behind you. Sunsets are really 360 affairs.

Photo taken on the Musial Bridge at sunset. The Musial Bridge spans the Mississippi River between Missouri and Illinois at St. Louis. Photo taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V

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