Italian Ceiling

Italian Ceiling

Until I started organizing my back catalog of photos onto Flickr, I don’t think I fully appreciated how much of an outdoor photographer I really am. This shot is a (very) rare exception of shot taken indoors.

Until recently, I was a tourist photographer. I took photos when I traveled, but rarely took out the camera at other times.

I like this photo because of the different perspective. I’m sure it was an accident, but it captures the off-center feeling of looking up at grand architecture. I love the way the panels are distinct yet part of the whole pattern and I like the way the ceiling disappears into the distance (I now know this to be a Vanishing Point, but I’m sure I wasn’t thinking about this technique at the time I took the photo).

The details are blurry, probably because of the point-and-shoot camera I was using and my lack of understanding about how to properly photograph indoors, but I don’t mind. This photo isn’t about the details, it’s about the textures and patterns.

Photo taken in Rome, Italy 1996.

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